BUDL’s Summer Camp

High School Camp is June 11-16

Elementary/Middle School Camp is June 18-23

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BUDL hopes to support a number of scholarships to summer debate institutes. Scholarships to the B’More Debate Institute are available to participating Baltimore City Public Schools and their students 4th-12th grade.

Below is information about the Baltimore Urban Debate League’s B’more Institute. We hope to be able to offer scholarships to students. With the help of BUDL teachers, BUDL administrators will determine which students are sent to which institutes.


B’More High School Debate Institute June 11-16

B’More Elementary/Middle School Debate Institute June 18-23

Coppin State University
Talon Center
2500 West North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21216

Time: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Registration: Morning 8:00 am – 9:00am

Student Selection Process

Students interested in being considered for institute scholarships should fill out the online application form or submit the hard copy form their debate coach or league by May 25, 2012.

Teachers should submit the applications along with their recommendations to Shannon Watson (Shannon@budl.org) or Chris Baron (baron@budl.org) by Friday, May 25th, 2012.

Fax: 410-752-7053

What the Scholarships Pay For

Scholarships include the cost of transportation to and from the Institute, food, and tuition ($2,500) BUDL will make transportation arrangements and pay tuition directly to the institutes. Students will receive registration packets for the institutes and contact information for the institute administrator. Students are responsible for being sure that they have the necessary supplies, and funds to cover any additional costs (for snacks, emergencies, etc.).

Expectations of Students Receiving Scholarships

Students who receive scholarships are expected to:

· Complete all necessary paperwork. The BUDL has a set of medical forms, designed to ensure proper care is available to students in the event they need medical attention

· Share the evidence they receive with the rest of their team, and with other members of the league on the request of BUDL administrators

· Share the experience and knowledge gained at the institute with other BUDL members. The students receiving scholarships should consider themselves leaders. Since we are only able to have a limited number of students, those able to attend have a responsibility to share what they have learned with other students at workshops, tournaments, and other league events.

Employment Opportunities

If you would like to be considered for summer employment with one of our summer camps. Please fill out the online application to be considered.