The First Step to Success? Being Heard

Check out this article in The Atlantic’s CITYLAB about the past and present of the Baltimore Urban Debate League:  The First Step to Success?  Being Heard  Debate not only helps kids learn to argue skillfully, it also helps them in school.  Students remark on how incredible it is to be heard.  Student debaters carry the skills of debate home with them and can now say, “this is happening in my community and now I know how to articulate my position.”

Baltimore’s Debaters Are the Best

Find out why Baltimore’s Debaters Are the Best in Baltimore Fishbowl.  BUDL targets some of the city’s most at-risk students. On average, these kids have an on-time graduation rate of 43 percent, meaning that the odds are against their getting a diploma within four years. But get those same kids into debate, and nearly three-quarters of them will finish school on time.