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“The Baltimore Urban Debate League helped me to find my place in the world.  Before starting debate, my options were very limited and often led to negative outcomes.  After completing the program I realized my only limitations were in my mind.”

Jarrell Anderson, BUDL Alumnus

Debate’s profound effect is demonstrated in both local and national data, research reports and media. According to national studies:

  • Debate improves educational performance
  • Debate reduces violence
  • Debate enhances social development
  • Debate improves schools and communities

The Baltimore Urban Debate League provides a proven approach for students to achieve and prepare  for brighter futures.

Independent research conducted in 2009-10 confirms that BUDL helps students to achieve more in school and prepare for better futures.  The study found that BUDL debaters:

  • Had 94% daily rate of attendance as compared to the 88% for the general student population
  • Scored 88% proficient or better on state reading tests compared to the 72% scored by the comparison students
  • Scored 79% proficient or better on state math tests as compared to 62% of the comparison students

The more the better.   Our studies have shown that the more that students participate in BUDL the better they do on standardized tests.

BUDL students go to College:

Since 2004 , 85-95 % of BUDL’s students have graduated on time and were accepted into colleges across the nation, many receiving full or partial debate scholarships.

National studies indicate results that  are consistent for urban debaters across the country:

  • Urban debate league students have a 25% higher rate of increase on annual literacy assessment measures than their non-debating peers
  • Debaters are three times less likely to engage in high risk behaviors
  • Debaters are almost twice as likely to go on to college and to pursue college immediately after high school
  • Debate students showed greater increases in GPA over one year when compared to their non debating peers

(Source: “Argument for Success: A Study of Academic Debate in the Urban High schools of Chicago, Kansas City, New York, St. Louis and Seattle,” Linda M. Collier, JD. University of Missouri, 2004)




2015 Mutual of America Foundation Community Partnership Award, Honorable Mention Award, Competitive Debate Program

2015 National Association of Urban Debate Leagues, Urban Debate League of the Year

2014 MetLife Foundation Afterschool Innovator Award

B’More Fund Award

Hero for Justice Award, University of Maryland School of Social Work

President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities, Coming Up Taller Award

Weinberg Employee Giving Award

Weinberg Fellowship, Aloha Award

Barkley Forum Paul Slappy Award for Encouraging Diversity in Forensic Arts

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