BUDL Registration Procedures:

No changes made after 8:15. This cutoff will be firm.

  • No late students will be “inserted” into the tournament. Late students will be able to watch round, but not compete.
  • Busses will leave schools to make it to the tournament on time. Under no circumstances will busses leave later than 7:40 (and will leave earlier if they need to in order to arrive on time, as per arrangements made in advance with the teacher).
  • Students must register by signing the new student registration forms posted on the walls at the entrance of the tournament. These forms will have each school’s name at the top.
  • Teachers must register using the best available data (based on bus list and registration sign in) when they arrive, not later than 8:15.
  • Schools registering after the Wednesday deadline with uncovered teams will not be assured judges. In the event of a judge shortage, priority for judge coverage will be given to those who registered within the deadline.