During the course of the season there are several ways that high school debaters can help out middle school debate teams.

1) Judging

Judging in middle school is a great way to help out the growth of debate in the city, recruit middle school students to your debate team, and connect to the parents, students, and communities at schools that will feed your high school.

This year our tournaments will be on Saturdays and will be done by about 4, we will offer three rounds of debate, as usual free food, and we pay 15$ a round.

All coaches are eligible and any varsity debater in 11th or 12th grade.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Christ at baron@budl.org or Dominique at dominique@budl.org.

If you want to judge contact us as soon before the tournament date as possible and we will let you know what our needs are that particular weekend.

2) Mentoring and Coaching

Students and coaches are encouraged to work with middle school debate programs by doing demonstration debates, helping with practices, and even running workshops if they like. If you are interested in helping out, contact Sean.

3) High School Fairs

At several tournaments throughout the year we will allow high school coaches and debaters to set up tables in order to recruit for their high school and team. Bring trophies, excited debaters, and some information about your team and share it with the middle school students. This can be a great opportunity to build your team but also a good way to allow middle school students to prepare for high school.

4) Submit topic resources and topic suggestions

Each month we will have a new topic and a new set of arguments, high school coaches and students are welcome to submit articles, cases, and other topic resources. We will review your submission and post it to the web site, if we think it works within the topic curriculum. Your name and school will be credited on the website.