2017-2018 HS Program

Thank you for your interest in BUDL’s high school program. During the 2017-2018 school year, the program is on a hiatus as we redesign in preparation for a new program launch in fall 2018. We seek to best serve Baltimore city youth for another 17 years with an updated approach!

About High School Debate

Debate at the high school level offers unparalleled learning opportunity and growth. Students debate a national or international public policy of immediate relevance to our world. They stay with the same topic all year and learn to debate on both sides of the issue, hearing strengths in each perspective.  Their depth of knowledge and command of the complexities of the topic is impressive by the end of a year.  Over the course of the school year, they have had the opportunity to test, grow and adapt through local, regional and national competitions.

BUDL’s staff partners with Baltimore City teachers to support teachers who build and coach their squads.  With BUDL’s support they hold after school practices and take part in local monthly citywide tournaments and travel to regional and national competitions.

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