What is Classroom Debate?


Through a new aspect of our long-standing relationship with Baltimore City Public Schools, BUDL is providing professional development to teachers throughout the City Schools’ system. The “It’s Debatable!” professional development focuses on embedding argumentation and debate skills and strategies into classrooms across the city to increase student engagement and rigor. Through this engaging PD, BUDL content experts aid teachers in utilizing debate skills to further engage students in the Common Core State Standards and state content standards. Teachers create unit plans, lesson plans, and implementations plans that will guide coaching and development throughout the school year. Additionally, they receive access to prepared lesson plans that are easily adaptable to any classroom.

Carrying on the commitment to all students, the BUDL team supporting this project is made up of former teachers, administrators, and debaters that view this as an exciting and interesting way to impact student and teacher growth.

Current Offerings:

Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing coaching is available for graduates of It’s Debatable! Participants receive 1 AU.

Did your school receive It’s Debatable PD last year? Or, did you earn 2 AUs in the It’s Debatable course? Sign up! Participating teachers will be assigned to work with a BUDL professional development coach to help implement SASS in their classrooms. BUDL coaches are very flexible to the needs of their teachers. In the past, BUDL coaches have: conducted classroom observations and provided feedback, co-planned SASS lesson plans, served as judges for classroom debates, developed worksheets for classroom use, and much more. In order to earn an AU, each participating teacher will have to have five observations with feedback and meet with a BUDL coach for six hours over the course of the school year. They must also submit six lesson plans that include SASS.

Contact Jen at jennifer@budl.org for more information.

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Teacher Testimonials:

  • “This was the best PD I’ve attended in my 16 years in the profession. Bar none.”
  • “This is the first PD that I did not feel sleepy in!”
  • “This workshop is one of the most substantial and informative I’ve ever attended.
    Kudos for the great job!”
  • “I tried to conduct debates in class- didn’t work. I found out why.
    I didn’t do it right. I have found the secret.”
  • “SASS engages students in rigorous activity that promotes speaking and
    listening skills and confidence.”
  • “The SASS skills and strategies help implement Common Core State Standards
    and the Instructional Framework.”