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What Is the College Access Program?

BUDL’s College Access program is dedicated to helping students reach their post-secondary goals. Through the program, student debaters have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive activities designed to promote college readiness. Students work one-on-one with BUDL staff to create individualized college and career goals, and are given the tools to complete their personalized college application process.

Creating a culture of college readiness is easy for debaters, their learned communication and self advocacy skills easily translate to success on a college campus! BUDL’s commitment to student achievement extends beyond high school debate and into the realm of collegiate debate. With access to resources and scholarships, BUDL debaters get a competitive edge on their college debate plans!

Each year our CAP helps high school debaters start and complete the transition to college! BUDL students have access to the following resources:

  • Countdown 2 College Retreat Each summer to kick off the school year
  • College Access Program at BUDL summer debate camps
  • One on one academic advising, including transcript review
  • Access to monthly college planning workshops
  • Trips to college campuses
  • Help completing college applications
  • SAT/ACT and college application fee waivers
  • Help writing essays for college and scholarship applications
  • Financial aid & FAFSA assistance
  • Access to Internet connected computer labs to search for college, career, and financial aid opportunities
  • Personalized college advising, college prep, and career development workshops
  • College, financial aid, and scholarship resource materials, brochures, applications, and catalogues
  • SAT, ACT and other standardized testing materials and prep classes
  • Guidance in the financial aid and scholarship process

It’s never too early to start planning for college!

Our Elementary and Middle School Program helps students understand the tools to a successful academic career. High attendance, good grades, and useful study skills are the focus of the College Access Program for EMS students.