Now is the time to get involved with REGIONAL DEBATE!!

  • Friendly faces. Carver’s Steve Sprouse is Director of Debate, and many BUDL schools are getting involved.
  • There are NO CONFLICTS with BUDL and BCFL tournaments. One (at Towson in December) is even a joint tournament. There should be many chances to attend.
  • You shouldn’t be lonely. BUDL is bigger, and more teams are expected to be competing outside the BUDL. We make up a larger and larger percentage of BCFL schools.
  • You can do it! BUDL teams have been successfully competing at our joint tournament and at BCFL tournaments throughout the year.
  • You are all members. Every BUDL school is also a BCFL member. Your $200 annual membership fee is covered by BUDL. This allows schools to participate in BUDL tournaments at no cost. BUDL is even willing to help with transportation if you have more than four debaters going to a tournament.
  • It is great practice for national competition. As we try to create more opportunities for competition outside of Maryland, students must be prepared. There are good varsity teams in the BCFL that can help kids get an idea of what other tournaments will be like. BUDL is travelling to more national tournaments. For information on how to get involved click here.


Click here to see the BCFL schedule and for more details on BCFL competitions.


Click here for advice on attending overnight tournaments. (Word Document)